Local to AA ponies and horses for lease and sale.
Private horseback lessons and horse show training available.

We specialize in affordable veteran horses and ponies with a good reputation that have been successful show horses. Our horses are low maintenance, low prep and are confidence builders.

Horse Show Leases LLC only offers lessons to horse owners or leasers, but we work with riders of all levels, from Short Stirrup and up.

NCEA Fast Facts

NCEA Fast Facts

If you are interested in college riding, here is some basic information on the National Collegiate Equestrian Association, or NCEA.  ...
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Horse Show Safety

Horse Show Safety

Our third installment in the Horse Show Leases Safety Series is Horse Show safety!  While it’s true that following the ...
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USEF Safesport

USEF Safesport

Everyone is talking about Safesport at horse shows right now.  It’s a new policy in effect as of June 1, ...
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Barn Aisle Safety

Safety Series: Barn Aisle Safety

The way a person interacts with horses says a lot about them, and a lot about their program. Further, a ...
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About Horse Show Leases

Horse Show Leases is accepting show clients in the Charlotte area.   Our goal is to provide a safe, educational, and friendly atmosphere where you or your child will excel and learn about the horse show world.  Alicia Wilkinson has guided numerous riders to championships, and can do the same thing for you. She has riders from Walk/Trot through Grand Prix including Pony Finals, Junior Finals and Medal Maclay. Horse Show Leases strives for you to be the best rider you can be and we encourage you to lesson more than once a week, lease and horse show.  Horse showing is the ultimate goal.

Participants must follow all Horse Show Leases LLC safety rules, including obtaining a Horse Show Leases LLC parent/guardian signed general release for each participant in advance. Please contact us with any questions you may have!

Alicia Wilkinson, Horseback Lesson Instructor
Alicia Wilkinson

Alicia Wilkinson is  dedicated to help kids and adults of all ages and skill levels feel comfortable and enjoy their horseback lessons.

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Lessons and Shows

We offer lessons in hunt seat and jumping to those who own or lease their own horse.  We provide horse leasing,  training,  and showing for hunters and jumpers.

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Horse Show Leases has a variety of horses for sale or lease for any level rider!  Check out our horses.

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