Alicia’s Lesson and Training Rides Rates

HSL only offers lessons to horse owners/leasers. Unfortunately, we no longer offer academy lessons.

Training Rides: Monthly Single
$160 $50
Boarder Lessons: Monthly
Group/Semi $220
Private $260
  • Training rides will be discounted $10/ride if owner/rider tacks and untacks horse.
  • Month lessons are 4 consecutive weekly lessons taken each month and to be paid the first week of the month.


Show Information and Fees

HSL is active in shows from the local to the AA level to suit all needs.

Show Charges: 1 Rider/Horse 2 or More Riders
Training at Show $100/day $75/day
Trainer Rides at Show $50/day $50/day
Full Care With Tack Up $100/day $100/day
Full Care Without Tack Up $55/day $55/day
Required show care $35/day $35/day
Trainer Room Split Total cost split by the # of riders
Trainer Meals $30/day split by the # of riders
Groom’s Room Split Total cost split by the # of riders

15% commission is charged on all horses purchased, sold or leased through Alicia Wilkinson.


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