Pony Finals: Your Trainer’s Role

Usef pony finals


When working on improving your riding skills and attempting to qualify for upper level competitions, a great horseback riding trainer can make or break the chances of success in your performance and progress. If you have the USEF Pony Finals in your sights, it is important to be sure that you have the right trainer that is best suited to both you and your pony, and to work with your trainer to reach your goals.

The USEF Pony Finals are known to be one of America’s most prestigious competitive events for young riders and their ponies. The event was formally established in 1967, and has since remained to be a competition in which young riders all across the country strive to qualify and compete.  Pony Finals is held in a different venue each year, but regardless of where it’s located, it carries an energy that tells you that you are among the best in the country.  Being competitive among such a caliber of athletes requires great education, practice, and focus.

A good trainer will work diligently with their students to ensure that they are confident in their riding skills and their pony’s ability.  Working with a professional that has experience creating competitive teams at Pony Finals is crucial, because training should include education in what will be expected of riders and ponies during the competition. Experienced trainers, like Alicia Wilkerson, have a great understanding of the expectations at that level of competition.  This allows her to work with riders to correct any issues that might arise during schooling and will give excellent tips and pointers to help prepare them for the show.

If you are a young rider currently aspiring to make it to the USEF Pony Finals, contact trainer Alicia Wilkinson by visiting www.horseshowleases.com to begin your training journey with one of North Carolina’s top horseback riding instructors!