What is Great Equitation?

Perfect equitation is something that every rider strives for, regardless of discipline and skill level. It is the basis upon which all riding habits are built.  Polishing your riding skills correctly is crucial to avoid developing bad habits that can affect both you and your horse.

What is equitation?

Many people mistakenly assume that equitation simply refers to the posture of the rider- how straight their back is, how far down they place their heels. While this is technically true, more sophisticated equitation really has more to do with way that you sit in the saddle and apply pressure with your body weight. The amount of pressure that we apply while in the saddle is a strong cue that indicates exactly what we want the horse to do. These cues should be concise and easy to understand. Perfecting this allows for a streamlined connection with your horse.  Horse show classes ask the rider to perform tasks and maneuvers that repeatedly demand a demonstration of this connection, as well as your ability to adapt in the moment according to the demands of the course. 

Want to improve your equitation?

Like most things in the horse world, good equitation comes with good education and practice. Alicia Wilkinson’s training technique places a strong emphasis on rider posture and communication cues with the horse. By training with Alicia, riders develop a strong understanding of how to properly cue the horse, as well as which muscles to use when asking for gait changes, turns, and more. Confidence in this skill set leads to the focus required for show-ring success.

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